At Guinda, every project starts from the comprehension.

Understanding the DNA of the company and trying to solve the different needs and comms problems that clients may have. This process allows us to have a holistic perspective, enabling us to find new and innovative visual solutions.

Who we are
Full-stack Freelance Designers

Born between Barcelona and Andorre. Based around the globe.

Sílvia Langa

Sílvia is a brand & digital product designer based between Barcelona & Andorre. Before starting Guinda Studio, Sílvia worked as a freelancer for 10 years. Then she started in Innocells, the Venture Builder of Banco Sabadell as Head of Design in one of its startups: Nomo Banking. During her career, she has worked across different areas of design including branding, product and digital design and brand experience.

Silvia has created relevant work for global brands such as IDEO, H&M, Designit UK, Banco Sabadell, Cynergy Connect, SCPF, Mr John Sample, 080 Fashion Week Bcn, Gencat, Loctite, Privalia and Vente Privée throughout its more than 15 years of experience.

Arantza Montero

Arantza is a Basque brand & product designer based in Barcelona. Her beginnings began around branding where she discovered her interest in brand strategy and innovation.

Later, she went further and realized the importance of the user experience around a digital product and its brand.

For several years, she has worked in different areas such as banking, culture, health, automotive and more with different brands: La Caixa, Banc Sabadell, MNAC, OSHA & CEDEFOP (By European Commission), Novartis, Moventia, Privalia, Decathlon, Sanytol and much more.

We breakthrough companies

We firmly believe that real transformation comes from within organisations, that is why we start each project from an empathetic perspective that guides us towards new innovative and disruptive visual solutions.

Banc Sabadell
Designit UK
080 Bcn Fashion Week
Vente Privée

What we are best at

Our Services

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Brand Implementation
Print & Packaging
Digital Ecosystems
User experience (UX)
User interface (UI)
Wireframe & prototyping
Website & e-commerce
Mobile App
On-going comms
Social Media
Web Maintenance

We are eager to partner with disruptive and trailblazer companies that want to make a positive impact.

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