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Guinda is a full-service digital design studio working with fintech companies around the world.

Our focus is on your customers. We create unparalleled customer experiences.

Hi, I’m Sílvia Langa, a product & brand designer based in Andorre and borned in Barcelona. I’m the founder of Guinda, a design studio where I spend most of my time crafting delightful digital experiences. I have a thing for color, typography, and ceramics.

Discovering breakthrough experiences.

We firmly believe that real transformation can come from within organizations, that is why we start each project from a customer centric approach. Empathy is our guiding philosophy for the customer experience. Our visual solutions are innovative, sometimes disruptive, but always beautiful.

Our Methodology

At Guinda, every project starts from the why?

This process allows us to have a holistic view, to get under the skin of the company and try to comprehend its “Why”. We find new ways to solve problems in ways that match the companies unique story, ensuring we differentiate you in the market.

Our Services


Naming Visual Identity

Art Direction

Implementation Print & Packaging

Digital Ecosystems

User experience (UX)
User interface (UI)
Wireframe & prototyping
Website & e-commerce
Mobile App

On-going comms
Social Media
Web Maintenance

Born between Barcelona and Andorre.

Based around the globe.

We are eager to partner with trailblazers, radicals, misfits, the companies that want to make a real impact for something they believe in.

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